Why SOA’s Ryan Hurst Is Totally A Stand-Up Guy

Image Credit - PINTEREST
Image Credit – PINTEREST

Today I am going to share with you, a story straight from Albuquerque Comic Con, as to why Ryan Hurst (Harry “Opie” Winston, Sons of Anarchy) is totally a stand up guy. We’ve all heard stories on how the Sons of Anarchy cast is so gracious and kind to their fans, and this past weekend, I was witness to just how gracious and generous Ryan himself really is. I met Ryan this past weekend at the Albuquerque Comic Con, and wow, do I really have an amazing story for you guys.

So, I paid for the photo op with Ryan a few days ahead of the event. Come Sunday, the last day of Comic Con, it was finally my time to meet him. And if everything could go wrong Sunday morning, it did. I was late to the photo op, thanks to an accident up on the freeway, and how difficult parking was when I arrived at the Convention Center – their parking garage ticket booth was malfunctioning and I almost didn’t get in to park. Photo ops started with Ryan at 1:20 – I got to the photo op booth at 1:25 expecting that I’d be waiting in line for at least an hour – and he was gone already!

The guy running the photo op booth explained to me that not many people had purchased photo ops for Ryan, it being the last day of the event and all, and that he’d do what he could to try to get Ryan to return to the booth, just for me. I waited, anxiously, at the photo op booth for approximately an hour – apparently Ryan had left for lunch – and then I got the news I’d so hoped to hear. Ryan was coming back to the photo op booth – just for me. Only for me. Wow!

He didn’t have to return to the booth, but he was happy to. He arrived and readied himself for the photo, and when they told me to walk in, I went in and thanked him for coming back for me. He smiled, gave me a hug, and said “You’re welcome”. We took the photo, and he then had to return to his booth – which he was late for, because he stopped back to take a photo just for me.

I, of course, got in line to have him autograph the photo, and as he did, I told him he was the best, because simply, he is. He didn’t have to return. This is how important Ryan Hurst’s fans are to him. And for that, I am incredibly thankful. He gave to me, a once in a lifetime opportunity. And he went out of his way to do it.

Check out my photo with Ryan Hurst below, as well as video from his panel at the Albuquerque Comic Con, and tell me in the comments if you’ve had a similar experience with Ryan, or even any of the other amazing guys and gals from the Sons of Anarchy cast. I apologize this is kind of long, SOA Fanatics, but I just had to tell you about my amazing experience with Ryan. Did you get to see him this past weekend at the Albuquerque Comic Con?

Image Credit: Amanda Rozelle/SOA Fanatic
Image Credit: Amanda Rozelle/SOA Fanatic

Also, check out this cool plaque I got for the photo at the Albuquerque Comic Con (it was *only* $20!)

Image Credit: Amanda Rozelle/SOA Fanatic
Image Credit: Amanda Rozelle/SOA Fanatic

Watch Ryan’s panel from the Albuquerque Comic Con here:

Ryan Hurst panel….. – Albuquerque Comic Con | Facebook

Ryan Hurst panel…..

Video Courtesy of Albuquerque Comic Con



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