Kurt Sutter Drops Lengthy, Passionate Tweet Following Donald Trump’s Presidential Victory

Image Credit: SOA Fanatic
Image Credit: SOA Fanatic

Sons of Anarchy Executive Producer Kurt Sutter is none too happy about the results of yesterday’s Presidential Election here in the United States of America, and he has taken to Twitter to express his feelings regarding the win of the now 45th United States President, Donald Trump. Kurt knows a few things about Presidents – after all he gave us two complex, twisted, and crooked SAMCRO Presidents – and knows what it takes for a man to be a true leader.

“With heavy heart I concede to my unflinching opponents: Ignorance, Racism, Misogyny, Untruth, Delusion, and Chaos. God bless America.”

His Tweet read, ending in the highest dose of sarcasm we could only expect from the American Television God. Kurt had apparently stayed up late in the evening on Election Day 2016, as he posted the tweet at 10:20PM on November 8th, 2016 – with Kurt being a resident of California, that means it was 1:20AM over on the East Coast, the election hotbed of the country, when he finally gave in and Tweeted his response to the night.

Kurt spent seven long years creating a television show that contained all of those things – ignorance, racism, misogyny, untruth, delusion, and chaos – he’s shown us firsthand the kind of damage those things can do. That being said, many of his fans replied to his Tweet asking him to use his beautiful voice and vision to help us make the change this country so desperately needs. So, check out his Tweet about new President Donald Trump below, and sound off in the comments section. Do you want to see Kurt stand up to make a change in America? Tell us why!



Kurt Sutter Twitter Image Screenshot: Twitter.com
Kurt Sutter Twitter
Image Screenshot: Twitter.com