Theo Rossi Compares SOA’s Juice To Luke Cage’s Shades

Image Credit: THR
Image Credit: THR

As a fan of Theo Rossi (Juan Carlos “Juice” Ortiz, Sons of Anarchy) – which of his characters do you prefer? Do you like Juice from Sons of Anarchy or Shades from Luke Cage better? What role do you think Theo blends into the best? Don’t get us wrong, Juice was badass in and of himself (well, he at least had his moments), but Shades is all around badass. So we guess the question is, which character is more badass? Theo answered the question himself, and we’ll be sharing that with you today.

“Shades is a bad guy. I don’t think Juice was ever a bad guy,”


Theo says, in an exclusive with The Hollywood Reporter.

“I just found out recently, someone told me that he actually had taken more lives than almost any character and you never think of him like that. Not counting any of the giant shootouts, but he did single-handedly take out the most people, which is so weird because I always looked at him like a victim. He was the nice guy, so it’s shocking that someone said that. I’m going to have to fact check that and see when I go back in 20 years and rewatch the entire run.”

He added.

Luke Cage, which premiered just last month on Netflix, is the official spin-off of Jessica Jones in the Netflix Marvel series. So far it has received decent reviews, and is gaining a steady fanbase after releasing just 13 episodes. Check out this video, from Cinema Blend, detailing the differences between Juice and Shades, and tell us in the comments which character you like Theo playing better!




Image Credit: IrishCinePhile
Image Credit: IrishCinePhile