Meet The SAMCRO First 9 Members [PHOTOS]

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Have you ever wondered exactly who the SAMCRO First 9 members were? We know that John Teller (Victor Newmark/Nicholas Guest) and Piermont “Piney” Winston (William Lucking) founded SAMCRO in 1967 following their service as paratroopers in the Vietnam War, and we also know that former Club President Clay Morrow (Ron Perlman) was also a First 9 member, but can we list off who the other Redwood Originals were? Today, we’re making a list of all of the original SAMCRO guys, so stay tuned. WARNING: Some spoilers are contained below.

1. John Teller

John Teller

Founder of SAMCRO. Father of Jackson “Jax” Teller (Charlie Hunnam) and husband of Gemma Teller-Morrow (Katey Sagal). Died in 1993, rumored to have been murdered by Clay Morrow.

2. Piermont “Piney” Winston


Founder of SAMCRO. Father of patch-member Harry “Opie” Winston (Ryan Hurst). Served in SAMCRO from 1967 to the day he died. Served as SAMCRO VP from 1967-1991. Was killed by Clay Morrow.

3. Clarence “Clay” Morrow

SONS OF ANARCHY: Ron Pearlman on SONS OF ANARCHY airing Wednesday, Nov. 12 (10:00PM ET/PT) on FX. CR: Patrick McElhenney / FX.

SAMCRO First 9 Member. Served as a soldier from 1967-1972, the Vice President from 1991-1993, and then the club President from 1993-season 4 when he was replaced by step-son Jax. 2nd husband of Gemma Teller-Morrow. Was excommunicated from SAMCRO for committing deeds against the club. Was later killed by Jax Teller.

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4. Wally Grazer

wally grazer

Wally left home at age 16 and made the road his home as a drifter. Not making enough money to live on doing dead end jobs, he turned to crime to support himself. After meeting a club member, who he sold some stolen goods to, he was invited to meet the club and eventually joined them. He told them about a friend of his named Tom, who he thought would be a welcome member and the club agreed. Wally was instrumental in helping the club become better financially, getting them involved in the stolen goods trade. Dying of cirrhosis of the liver, Wally committed suicide in 1986. (SAMCROPedia)

5. Thomas “Uncle Tom” Whitney


In 1968, Tom was the sixth member to join the Sons of Anarchy Motorcycle Club. He was introduced to the club by Wally Grazer. Wally, having ties to the ‘seedier’ side of life, knew of Tom and his reputation and felt he would be a valuable asset to the club. Both Tom and Wally had been drifters, living in and around the area and both found the brotherhood of the club, enough to make them stay in Charming. He was stabbed to death in prison in 1995. (SAMCROPedia)

6. Lenny ‘The Pimp’ Janowitz

lenny the pimp

Lenny ‘The Pimp’ Janowitz (Sonny Barger) is a current SAMCRO Member who is incarcerated. Convicted for murdering 3 ATF agents. He has connections to the Russian Mafia. He is one of the First 9; he was the Third Member. He was also formerly Sergeant-at-Arms under John Teller. (SAMCROPedia)

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7. Keith McGee

keith mcgee

Keith McGee (Andy McPhee) was most currently the President of the SOA MC Chapter known as the Sons of Anarchy Belfast, Northern Ireland chapter (SAMBEL). He was one of the First 9 members, as well as a main antagonist during Season 3. Was killed by Clay Morrow.

8. Chico Vellenueva

Chico Vellenueva

Chico was 24 when he joined the Sons of Anarchy Motorcycle Club in 1968. He had served in the Marines doing a tour in Vietnam. Like the others, he had nothing to return to and spent his time riding his motorcycle from the border of Mexico, up to Oakland. He was involved in running marijuana for his cousins, giving him plenty of time to enjoy riding. Chico was enjoying a ride, doing stunts on his bike, when he met the club, who were out on a run. He was immediately liked and asked to join. Importantly, he provided them with a liaison with the Mayans Motorycle Club. Chico died in 1976, aged 32. (SAMCROPedia)

9. Otto ‘Lil’ Killer’ Moran

Otto 'Lil' Killer' Moran

Otto Moran was 5’7″ on a good day and received his nickname “Lil’ Killer” because it is rumored that he once killed a 300 lb. man with his bare hands during a fist fight. He joined SAMCRO in 1968. He was killed in prison. (SAMCROPedia)

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Image Credit: Pinterest
Image Credit: Pinterest