Hilarious Video Of A Man Dressed As Jax For Halloween!

Image Credit: YouTube Screenshot
Image Credit: YouTube Screenshot

We promised you SOA Fanatics all the Sons of Anarchy themed fun this Halloween, and we’re set to keep on delivering the laughs, the ideas, and the tricks or treats that will make this Halloween with you one to remember! We’ve shared some pumpkins, some makeup and costume ideas, some funny videos, some cocktails, and more! Today, we’re sharing with you one man’s Halloween experience – oh, he did it – he put on the flannel, the vest, the hair, the jeans, the squeaky clean white tennis shoes, and he turned himself into Jax Teller (Charlie Hunnam) for Halloween.

We’re so glad this man went all Jax for Halloween – despite the fact that his poor goatee kept falling off – it’s all about the fun and this video totally epitomizes how fun the holiday can be. The guys who made the video even raise a very valid question – even if it is Halloween, should one go out and about in public dressed as a pretend Sons of Anarchy outlaw biker? Yeah, they’re serious, and they really want our input on that.

So seriously, check out the video below, and feel free to answer their question in the comments section. Have you dressed up as Jax for Halloween? Are yo doing it this year? If so, leave us your photos of your best version of Jax, and we may feature you right here on SOA Fanatic! Happy Halloween!




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