Theo Rossi’s Passion for Everything


We’ve come across a webisode of sorts, called While The Water Boils With Theo Rossi, featuring Hannah Hart – Episode 4 (Barilla US); and in it, Theo reveals that he’s inspired by everything in life. He is truly a one-of a kind, remarkable person, and it is no secret that he has an incredibly positive outlook on life. He wants to see the good in everything and everyone, and the webisode we’re sharing today totally epitomizes that.

“What inspires you? For Theo Rossi, it’s everything. He talks to Hannah Hart about making time for the things he loves, and shows her how to throw a mean left hook—all in the time it takes to cook pasta.”

That is just a small excerpt from the video, where Theo finds inspiration in the smallest of things, and shares that inspiration with Hannah and all of their viewers. He does that, and so much more, with that sexy smile he wears so often. Theo certainly is the polar opposite of Juice, his Sons of Anarchy counterpart.

giphy (35)

Check out the webisode below, and tell us in the comments how you’ve been inspired by Theo and his positive look on life. Do you have someone who is a total inspiration to you? Share your stories of inspiration right here with us at SOA Fanatic. We may just feature you and your story in an upcoming blog post!






Image Credit: SOA Fanatic
Image Credit: SOA Fanatic