Otto Delaney Strikes Back (Fan Made Sons of Anarchy Horror Trailer)

Image Credit: Pinterest
Image Credit: Pinterest

*SPOILER ALERT* If you have yet to finish the Sons of Anarchy series, this post contains MAJOR spoilers from all 7 seasons! View at your own risk!*

Holy hell, SOA Fanatics, you are a seriously awesome group of people. When you see this Otto Delaney (Kurt Sutter, Sons of Anarchy) fan-made horror trailer, you will definitely agree with us! Otto was SAMCRO’s resident jailbird – the man who went into jail on small, simple charges, and ended up with a death sentence thanks to all the favors he pulled for SAMCRO while behind bars. All he ever asked for in return was for SAMCRO to look after his wife, even if they failed at that in the process.

At one point, in Season 4, Otto got pissed enough at SAMCRO to rat to police against Bobby (Munson, Mark Boone JR), because they’d failed to keep Luann (Delaney, Dendrie Taylor), safe and alive. He targeted Bobby, if you’ll remember, because Bobby broke the one code of SAMCRO and slept with Luann while she was alive. Of course, Otto realized later on that he shouldn’t have ratted, and did everything he could to make up for his indiscretions against the club.

Now that we’ve taken a walk down the Otto Delaney memory lane, check out this sick fan-made Sons of Anarchy horror trailer, based on Otto’s character. Tell us in the comments how badass you think it is! YouTuber MetalHorrorMusicFilm19 took Otto Delaney to a whole new level in this trailer, don’t you think?