Jax Teller – Who Are You Really [TRIBUTE]

Image Credit: SimpleEdits
Image Credit: SimpleEdits

*SPOILER ALERT! This video contains MAJOR spoilers from the Sons of Anarchy series. If you have not finished watching, open this post at your own risk!*

When you think of Jax Teller (Charlie Hunnam), a few words come to mind. Strong. Gorgeous. Sexy. Criminal. Badass. When you see him, a part of you just melts. He’s everything you want in a man, in an outlaw. He was the perfect frontman for Sons of Anarchy, and the memory of his character will forever go down in infamy. Tributes like “Who Are You Really“, by YouTuber Simple Edits keep Jax and Sons of Anarchy alive, and this one will seriously have you missing everything about his character and the series.

It goes without saying, Jax is our favorite character from Sons of Anarchy. For many of us, he is the reason we’ve watched the series again and again. He was the perfect anti-hero, and Executive Producer Kurt Sutter couldn’t have created him any better than he did. Jax’s desperation, his hurt, his tortured mind and soul are what had us in his corner throughout the entire series, no matter what he did.

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Check out “Who Are You Really” below, and tell us in the comments what other words you’d use to describe the character of Jax Teller. Do you think Simple Edits captured Jax perfectly in this tribute? What do you miss about Jax the most? If you’ve made a Jax Teller tribute yourself, share it with us here at SOA Fanatic! We may feature you and your tribute in a future post!





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