Danny Trejo Just Created A Hilarious Line Of T-Shirts, And You’ll Have To Get One!

Image Credit: Facebook
Image Credit: Facebook

If you’re a Facebook follower of Danny Trejo (Romeo Parada, Sons of Anarchy), then you already know that he’s a bold, opinionated, politically charged person, and in no way does he hide that fact. He uses his Facebook page to promote serious political discussions, and allows for his fans to debate among one another. Given this election period, there’s been mass discussions on his page about the election, and we’ve now learned that he’s created a hilarious line of t-shirts, all politically charged, of course.

The t-shirts exemplify the ridiculousness of the 2016 election, displaying phrases like “Make America Badass Again” over an image of Danny with the famous Donald Trump toupee, in front of the American flag. Other shirts more simply tell you to vote Danny Trejo for “Prez.”. We can see his campaign now…Tacos! Tacos for everyone! That’s the kind of America we could get used to!

If you’d support Uncle Machete as America’s President, check out the line of t-shirts below! Tell us in the comments how badly you want to buy one! Would you write Danny in on the ballot this year? Honestly, he’s a much better choice than our current options, right? If you want to buy a shirt for real, regardless of our Presidential candidates, click the link here to order.


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Danny Trejo Image Credit: LAWeekly
Danny Trejo
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