Unbelievable Video Evolution of Jax Teller [MUST WATCH]

Image Credit: YouTube Screenshot
Image Credit: YouTube Screenshot

*SPOILER ALERT* – This post contains MAJOR spoilers for the entire Sons of Anarchy Series. View at your own risk!*

We have shared, in the past, a photo gallery of the evolution of Jackson “Jax” Teller (Charlie Hunnam), as well as a few extras including a look back at his violent history and kill list, but we guarantee you have never seen anything like the video we have for you today. YouTuber Justin Piehler painstakingly collected hours of footage from Sons of Anarchy in order to compile a video evolution of Jax, and it’s nothing short of amazing.

Not only is the video itself on-point, the music Justin chose for it couldn’t be any more perfect than it is. Justin managed to capture the entire free-fall of Jax Teller, the entire seven seasons of what went wrong for him and when it did, in only 10 minutes. It’s seriously like watching Sons of Anarchy all over again, no joke.

Check out the video evolution of Jax below, and leave a comment or two for us below on how you’re feeling after watching it. We’d give you a tissue alert, because it might be needed, but after watching this, we’re feeling such an incredible mix of emotions. How much do you miss Jax Teller and Sons of Anarchy?


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