Kurt Sutter To Charlie Hunnam: “F*ck You, Hunnam”

Image Credit: Screen Junkies
Image Credit: Screen Junkies

What? Come again? Oh yeah, Sons of Anarchy Executive Producer Kurt Sutter responded to Charlie Hunnam (Jackson “Jax’ Teller) publicly calling him out on Twitter by posting a video response, in which he says “F*ck you, Hunnam”, and it’s quite literally for the best reason ever. You won’t believe just why Kurt is passing the sentiment along to the 7-year face of Sons of Anarchy.

Charlie has been doing the #22kill/#22pushup challenge to raise awareness for Veteran suicide now for 14 days – a whole two weeks – and he called on Kurt to join in on the challenge, live, on Twitter. He nominated Kurt on just day 7 of the 22 day challenge, and Kurt responded in the most incredible way possible…his video with caption,

“I’m old and fat, curb your judgement. Hunnam’s #22PushupChallenge DAY 1!”,

that ends with a sweet “I love you Charlie!”


In the video, he actually says “f*ck you, Hunnam”, we’re not joking. Check out both Charlie and Kurt’s #22pushupchallenge videos below – Charlie’s when he nominated Kurt, and Kurt on day one of the challenge – and tell us in the comments how great it is that you think these guys are working hard to raise awareness for Veteran suicide!

Charlie Hunnam calls out Kurt Sutter to do the #22pushupchallenge:

Kurt Sutter’s response/Day 1 of the #22pushupchallenge:


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Charlie Hunnam and a friend do the #22kill/#22pushup Challenge Image Credit: Facebook
Charlie Hunnam and a friend do the #22kill/#22pushup Challenge
Image Credit: Facebook