Katey Sagal’s First Major Acting Gig [WATCH]

Image Credit: Sitcoms Online
Image Credit: Sitcoms Online

Mary was a legendary American sitcom, about actress Mary Tyler Moore, that aired on CBS Networks from 1985-1986, and starred Katey Sagal (Gemma Teller-Morrow, Sons of Anarchy) as Mary Tyler Moore’s feisty co-worker, Jo Tucker. It was Katey’s first major acting gig, and allowed for her to perform as the actress and singer we know and love her as today. She was spotted by acting agents for the role in 1985, while she was performing on stage in a musical.

Katey was just 31 years old when she took the role of Jo Tucker, starring alongside not only Mary Tyler Moore, but John Astin, David Byrd, James Farentino, Derek McGrath, James Tolkan, and Carlene Watkins as well. Jo Tucker was a cynical, chain-smoking columnist that worked at The Chicago Eagle, a second-rate tabloid magazine. She offset the character of Mary Tyler Moore, as Mary was formerly a high-profile writer for a fashion magazine gone out of business before taking a job with the tabloid.

Check out video from Katey Sagal’s days on the Mary Tyler Moore show, and tell us in the comments if you watch the show in its prime, over 30 years ago. Did you know that it was Katey’s first acting gig? If you haven’t seen it, will you now that you know its importance to the Sons of Anarchy matriarch’s career and life as an actress and singer?

Katey Sagal in Mary, Episode 7: “Same Old Song”.

Jo is visited by her on-again/off-again boyfriend (Richard Gilliland) who wants Mary to help him get his completed novel published.


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