Danny Trejo Crowdfunding For New Movie “Social Security”

Image Credit: Facebook
Image Credit: Facebook

If you follow Danny Trejo (Romeo Parada, Sons of Anarchy) on Facebook, you tend to get a lot of crazy stuff shared with you, which is totally not a complaint. Danny is a legendary man and actor, and more recently he’s shared on his Facebook page that he’s crowdfunding for a new movie venture of his, named Social Security. The funny part is, that Danny didn’t know what crowdfunding was until he decided to embark on this new film adventure.

He’s using crowdfund Indiegogo to support the film, which is about him saving a senior living facility from a band of dangerous thieves. The synopsis for the move says,

It’s Thanksgiving 2016 and Danny has promised Mario, his best friend and recent retirement home resident, that he’ll join him for an early holiday dinner before he heads to his family’s home.  His plans are immediately derailed when a group of deadly and dangerous thieves (led by brothers Alex and Nicholas) take the senior residence under siege in an attempt to steal a priceless jewelry collection.  Using everything he’s learned from his long list of action films, Danny is able to take on this motley crew of thieves and save the residents of this senior living facility.”

And it totally sounds like a good time!

Check out Danny’s live video from Facebook about the movie below, and tell us in the comments if you’d like to support his crowdfund on Indiegogo for the film! If you’d like to, just click here to go straight to the fundraiser. What other movie ventures would you like to see Danny take on?

Social Security: The Movie – Timeline | Facebook

Live with Danny Trejo! www.socialsecuritymovie.com


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