Britney Spears Slayed The Stage At The 2016 MTV VMA Awards

Image Credit: Mashable
Image Credit: Mashable

For anyone who thinks artist Britney Spears is a has-been is in for one hell of a surprise. The 34 year old singer made her return to the big stage with a vengeance at the 2016 MTV VMA Awards, looking flawless as she totally slayed the hot performance. After she was introduced by icon Kim Kardashian, she emerged from behind a silk screen in a revealing bodysuit – sheer except for a few well placed yellow embellishments.

Not only did she grind with artist G-Eazy, she pulled a full-on crotch grab on him right on stage, as they performed her hit song Glory, before launching his “Me, Myself, & I” piece, where Britney filled in for Bebe Rexha’s chorus in the song. Critics are calling this particular performance a blast to the past, saying it’s reminiscent of Britney’s 2000 performances of “Ooops I did It Again”, both in fashion and in artistry.



Watch the history-changing show below, right from the 2016 MTV VMA Awards, and tell us in the comments if you feel like the old Britney Spears is back! After everything she’s been through, we think she deserves the musical comeback of a lifetime! What was your initial reaction when you first watched her perform at the VMA’s?


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Curtis Stigers Image Credit: Blue Note Jazz Festival
Curtis Stigers
Image Credit: Blue Note Jazz Festival