“You Were Amazing”, A Somber Video Tribute To Sons Of Anarchy’s Tara Knowles-Teller

Image Credit: Pinterest
Image Credit: Pinterest

*SPOILER ALERT* This post contains MODERATE to MAJOR spoilers from the entire Sons of Anarchy series! Read at your own risk!

Whether or not you were Team Tara (Knowles-Teller, Maggie Siff) or Team Gemma (Teller-Morrow, Katey Sagal), one thing remains true – Maggie played the hell out of Tara’s character. She portrayed Jax (Teller, Charlie Hunnam)’s old lady so well, that us fans were truly split. We either really hated her, or really loved her. While she did a ton of stuff the total wrong way, she had some seriously redeeming qualities.

We loved and hated her simultaneously because she was Jax’s love. We wanted to be Jax’s love, but we didn’t want Jax to be alone. He needed someone a bit more stable than Gemma, for christsakes. Tara stepped up to be a strong momma for Abel (Teller, Evan/Ryder Londo) while Wendy (Case, Drea De Matteo) faced her drug demons, and proved herself to be the fierce momma bear she really grew into¬†after Thomas (Teller, Victoria/Sophia Markov) was born.

Nothing ever came easy to Tara, and it was incredibly difficult for her to adjust to the MC lifestyle, at first. Take a moment to remember Tara with “You Were Amazing”, a somber video tribute¬†made by YouTuber JBauerFan08. It’ll bring back everything you felt about her – whether you loved her or hated her. And that’s not a bad thing. Leave your thoughts about the video in the comments section below!


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