What SOA’s Charlie Hunnam Could Look Like As DC Comics’s Green Arrow

Image Credit: Movie Pilot
Image Credit: Movie Pilot

Little did we know, there’s quite a few Charlie Hunnam (Jackson “Jax” Teller, Sons of Anarchy) and DC Comics fans out there who have been quite vocal on the fact that they want to see Charlie take the role of Green Arrow when DC finally decides to bring the now television series onto the big screen in film. It’s a novel idea, we’ve got to hand it to the fans. Artist BossLogic has created his own fan-art representation as to what Charlie could look like as Green Arrow, and it’s AMAZING.

Green Arrow, also known as Oliver Queen, is a vigilante superhero who uses his impeccable archery skills to fight crime. He incorporates martial arts and technology into his crime-fighting strategies, and is the leader of DC’s Team Arrow. His secret identity is that of Oliver, a very wealthy playboy and billionaire industrialist turned progressive and outspoken politician. As Green Arrow, he has been a member of both DC’s the Justice League and Outsiders.

Take a look at what Charlie could look like as DC’s Green Arrow, and tell us in the comments if seeing him take the major role in the DC Universe is something you’d love to see! We have more artist representations in the gallery below as well- the more we see of Charlie as Green Arrow, the more we’d love to see it happen!


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Image Credit: MoviePilot


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