Sons of Anarchy Is This Dog’s Favorite Show!

Image Credit: Video Screenshot
Image Credit: Video Screenshot

So we’ve found the perfect pooch, appropriately named Jax, who just loves Sons of Anarchy. He is so into the show, that he has to sing along to “This Life”, the Sons of Anarchy theme song, every time it plays. He may be a more die hard Sons of Anarchy fan than any of us, and we don’t know about you, but we might be okay with that! We’ve got video that shows Jax the dog singing along to the theme song, and it’s one of the coolest things we’ve ever seen!

Our pets are so much more than just the cat or the dog that lives in our house. They’re our friends, our family, and they develop some pretty fantastic personalities. Jax’s owner has got to be one of the proudest pet owners out there. If Jax was our dog, we’d be pretty freakin’ proud of him. He knows what he likes – and it’s an added bonus that he’s bonkers for our favorite series on TV.

Watch Jax as he’s a crooning canine, just singing away as “This Life” plays at the beginning of a Sons of Anarchy episode. Tell us in the comments how awesome you think this dog is! Do you also have a pet that just loves Sons of Anarchy? Share their fan photos and videos over on our Facebook page, and we may feature them in an upcoming blog post!


It’s pretty obvious this dog’s favorite show is Sons of Anarchy. Watch what he does every time the theme song comes on!

Video Courtesy of Rumble (Facebook)


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