Sons of Anarchy Humor Clips [MUST SEE]

Image Credit: YouTube Screenshot
Image Credit: YouTube Screenshot

Admittedly, Sons of Anarchy was a devastatingly deep, darkly emotional, twisted up show, and with a series that has those words as a descriptive, humor is almost required. We’ve managed to find a video of some of the Sons of Anarchy humor clips, because while Executive Producer Kurt Sutter knew how to pull of dark and twisty, he also knew how to pull of funny.

There were several moments throughout the Sons of Anarchy series that had us laughing – it wasn’t all death, injury, broken relationships, and gunfire. The prank the guys pulled on Juice (Ortiz, Theo Rossi) ¬†will go down in infamy for being one of the funniest things to have ever happened in Sons of Anarchy. That is just one of several really funy things to have occurred on the show.

Check out the video of the Sons of Anarchy humor clips below, and tell us in the comments what had you laughing the hardest! Was there anything in the show that you can remember was really funny but not included in this video? Share your funny memories of the show with us!


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