Ron Perlman Teaming Up With Director Guillermo Del Toro Once Again, For TrollHunters TV Series

Image Credit: Yahoo
Image Credit: Yahoo

There’s finally a new project in the works for Sons of Anarchy alum Ron Perlman (Clay Morrow), and it comes in the shape and size of the animated television series, Trollhunters. Based on the novel by Director Guillermo Del Toro and Author Daniel Kraus, Trollhunters, is a new Nextflix Original Series set to debut later this year. Much like the book, the series will also be overseen by Del Toro.

Ron will portray Bular (voice), a sinister troll in the series, and will costar alongside Kelsey Grammar. Star Trek’s Anton Yelchin was cast to star as Jim in the series just days before his tragic accident – may he rest in peace. Trollhunters tells the story of the seemingly normal suburb of Arcadia, where three best friends discover that their hometown sits atop a secret and not at all peaceful world of trolls, and the creatures’ ongoing war will play a huge part in the friends’ lives. It is promised to be quite a fantastical adventure!

Disney’s Dreamworks Animation will be in on the series, as well as executive producer Christina Steinberg. Check out the official announcement below, from Wochit TV, and tell us in the comments if you’re looking forward to watching Ron Perlman voice Bular on Netflix! The estimated premiere date of the series is currently December of 2016.


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Ron Perlman As Cable Image Credit: Ron Perlman Facebook/Fan Art By Boss Logic Inc
Ron Perlman As Cable
Image Credit: Ron Perlman Facebook/Fan Art By Boss Logic Inc