Pacific Rim 2: Charlie Hunnam Out, John Boyega In

Charlie Hunnam (L), John Boyega (R) Image Credit: SOA Fanatic
Charlie Hunnam (L), John Boyega (R)
Image Credit: SOA Fanatic

We all remember how Charlie Hunnam (Jackson “Jax” Teller, Sons of Anarchy) kicked robot ass in Guillermo Del Toro’s apocalyptic action adventure movie, Pacific Rim, and soon his involvement in the franchise will be just that – a distant memory. News broke this week that Hunnam is out as the Pacific Rim lead for the sequel movie Pacific Rim 2, and the lead role in the movie will be taken over by actor John Boyega (Finn, Star Wars).

While the original film didn’t perform greatly at the box office, Universal Studios has taken it over, and has decided it deserves a second chance – and they’re moving forward with the prequel despite the fact that Warner Brothers Studios passed it over. Guillermo Del Toro has even passed over on the movie himself, with Daredevil showrunner Steven DeKnight taking over at the helm for the prequel.

With all of these changes, we’re not sure we can confidently call this movie a sequel, however rumor has it that Boyega will be portraying the son of Idris Elba’s character, Stacker Pentecost. Check out the commentary from Collider regarding all of the changes below, and tell us how you’re feeling about Charlie being replaced in the movie by John Boyega!

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Charlie Hunnam/Ron Perlman Image Credit: WAToday
Charlie Hunnam/Ron Perlman
Image Credit: WAToday