Check Out The Most Exciting & Dangerous Motorcycle Race In The World!

Isle of Man TT Race Image Credit: BikeBandit
Isle of Man TT Race
Image Credit: BikeBandit

Would you participate in a motorcycle race? Especially if it was considered one of the most dangerous race courses in the entire world? That is what the “Isle Of Man” Tourist Trophy 300+KMH Street-Race is all about, and today we have video of the exciting, yet incredibly dangerous race. Being Sons of Anarchy fans, we’ve delved deep into the world of the motorcycle club lifestyle, but yet haven’t really looked into the world of motorcycle racing.

The “Isle Of Man” is held annually in May of June of each year, and boasts an intimidating obstacle course that challenges motorcycle riders to compete against one another for an entire week – in order to win this most prestigious motorcycle race in the world. The race is known to push competitors and machines alike, to see who reigns as the best.

Check out video footage of the Isle of Man race from 2015. It is intense! The race has taken place since since 1907, and despite having changes names over the year and pausing for World War II, competitors still take to the streets to try to win the race each and every year. Tell us in the comments if you would be a participant in the Isle of Man!


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Image Credit: YouTube Screenshot
Image Credit: YouTube Screenshot