100 Facts About Ed Sheeran

Image Credit: The Hollywood Reporter
Image Credit: The Hollywood Reporter

If you don’t know all there is to know about Ed Sheeran (Soundtrack, Sons of Anarchy), then today, you most definitely will. We have found what is actually a pretty cute video of the vocal star, where he volunteers a whole 100 facts about himself, and some of them will actually surprise you! If you’ve ever wanted to know everything there is to know about Ed, then today is your lucky day!

We know he has an amazing voice, sheer talent, a cute smile, and a great friendship with colleague Taylor Swift. We know he knocked “Make It Rain” out of the park, and helped us cry at the end of the Sons of Anarchy series. We’ve seen his baby photos, and have been blown away by his cover songs. Let’s not forget, we’ve also seen his wicked acting chops in The Bastard Executioner.

That’s definitely not 100 facts about him though, so without further ado, check out Ed Sheeran revealing a whole 100 facts about himself in the video below. Drop us a line in the comments section after you’ve watched, and tell us which fact surprised you the most! Did you know as much about Ed as you thought you did?


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