Was The Season 3 Finale The Best Sons of Anarchy Season Finale?

Image Credit: villains.wikia.com
Image Credit: villains.wikia.com

*SPOILER ALERT* This post contains MAJOR spoilers from the end of Sons of Anarchy Season 3! Read at your own risk!*

Arguably, Sons of Anarchy Season 3 was just as wild of a ride as any other season of the show. Sutterphiles, a Facebook page that, bless our hearts, closely follows anything and everything Sons of Anarchy, has set forth the question – was the Season 3 finale the best one out of all 7 seasons? It was powerful, and seriously kept us guessing, but out of all 7 finales, does it top the other 6?

Honestly, at the end of Season 3, we thought Jax (Teller, Charlie Hunnam) was done. We were made to believe that he struck a deal with ATF devil June Stahl (Ally Walker), and Gemma (Teller-Morrow, Katey Sagal) seriously has us worried. She was so consumed with the idea that her husband Clay (Morrow, Ron Perlman) was going to kill her only living son, that we couldn’t help but consume ourselves with worry over it too.

WHAT A RELIEF it was to find out that Jax was playing everyone – that he wasn’t really a rat – and that the evil Stahl was the most blind to it of all. Rewatch the harrowing finale below, and tell us in the comments if you also think that the Season 3 finale was the best one Executive Producer Kurt Sutter gave us. If not, tell us which one you think is.

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