Villains of Anarchy: Cameron Hayes

Image Credit: Nerdcore
Image Credit: Nerdcore

Sons of Anarchy’s Cameron Hayes (Jamie McShane) was another troubled Irishman. He was a member of the Real IRA, and at once, the primary contact between Charming, CA and Belfast, Ireland for SAMCRO and their weapons business. Things between Cameron went south when he made a deal with Ethan Zobelle (Adam Arkin) and L.O.A.N., to make more money for himself, behind SAMCRO’s back.

He is responsible for a laundry list of bad shit happening to SAMCRO, including:

  • Held Tara (Teller, Maggie Siff) at gunpoint, and baby Abel Teller (Evan/Ryder Londo) at knifepoint.
  • Killed SAMCRO Prospect¬†Half Sack-Epps (Johnny Lewis) at Jax ¬†(Charlie Hunnam) and Tara Teller’s house.
  • Kidnapped Jax’s only son at the time, Abel, after tying Tara up inside the house.
  • Fled to Oakland with Abel, where he had a false identity made, traveled into Canada, and then to Belfast, with Abel.
  • Gave Abel to Maureen Ashby (Paula Malcolmson) upon his return to Belfast, who was the mistress of the late John “JT” Teller (Victor Newmark/Nicholas Guest).

His life ends shortly thereafter, when he headed to the church to confess his sins to Father Kellan Ashby (James Cosmo). Father Kellan warns him that his actions have damaged a decades-long relationship with SAMCRO, and Cameron believes his actions were justified.

He is killed after being blessed by Father Ashby, and his body marked and left in the streets to tell everyone in Belfast that Cameron Hayes came home. Tell us in the comments if you feel that Cameron Hayes ultimately got what he deserved. How much did you hate his character?

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Image Credit: Pinterest
Image Credit: Pinterest