Space City Comic Con Confirms 20 Sons of Anarchy Cast Members Will Attend 3 Day Event

Image Credit: TheBlotSays
Image Credit: TheBlotSays

We are now just 11 short days away from the highly anticipated Space City Comic Con – which is also being dubbed the biggest Sons of Anarchy cast reunion since the show ended in 2014 – and the event has now confirmed that a total of 20 Sons of Anarchy cast members will be in attendance May 27-29, 2016 in Houston, Texas. We know that Jax Teller (Charlie Hunnam) will be there all weekend, and that he’ll be joined by several other beloved cast members.

Image Credit: Sutterphiles
Image Credit: Sutterphiles

So far, the Sons of Anarchy attendees include:

  • Ryan Hurst (Harry “Opie” Winston) – ALL weekend
  • Ron Perlman (Clarence “Clay” Morrow) – Saturday & Sunday ONLY
  • Tommy Flanagan (Filip “Chibs” Telford) – ALL weekend
  • Kim Coates (Alexander “Tig” Trager) – ALL weekend
  • Mark Boone Jr. (Robert “Bobby Elvis” Munson) – ALL weekend
  • Drea De Matteo (Wendy Case) – Stay Unknown
  • David Labrava (Happy Lowman) – ALL weekend
  • Winter Ave Zoli (Lyla Dvorak-Winston) – ALL weekend
  • Niko Nicotera (George “Ratboy” Skogstrom) – ALL weekend
  • Emilio Rivera (Marcus Alvarez) – ALL weekend
  • Rusty Coones (Rane Quinn) – ALL weekend
  • Danny Trejo (Romeo Parada) – ALL weekend
  • Jacob Vargas (Allesandro Montez) – ALL weekend
  • Kenny Johnson (Herman Kozik) – ALL weekend
  • Michael Ornstein (Chucky Marstein) – ALL weekend
  • Kristen Renton (Ima Tite) – ALL weekend
  • Michael Beach (T.O. Cross) – ALL weekend
  • Chris Reed (Filthy Phil) – ALL weekend
  • Timothy V. Murphy (Galen O’Shay) – ALL weekend

And the list keeps growing as the event grows near!

Check out the actor announcement images from the Space City Comic Con, and tell us in the comments how excited you are that this is literally becoming a major Sons of Anarchy cast reunion! Have you already bought tickets for SPCC? If not, you can still buy them, right here.


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Image Credit: EW
Image Credit: EW