SOA’s Kim Coates Says ‘Officer Downe’ Movie Is “F—ing Groundbreaking”

Image Credit: beyondbooks
Image Credit: beyondbooks

Kim Coates (Alexander “Tig” Trager, Sons Of Anarchy) has a new movie coming out June 3, 2016, and he says it’s “f—ing groundbreaking”. The much anticipated movie, ‘Officer Downe’ is based off of a comic book series written by Joe Casey, and chronicles the tale of a police officer who can’t be stopped by death. Kim plays Officer Downe himself in the movie, and has had a lot to say about about it recently.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Kim says,

“It’s f–king groundbreaking, man. Wait till you see it. Wait till you see the special effects. The special effects are insane. They’re phenomenal. We didn’t leave anything out from the comic book. Not one thing. My gun weighed 16 pounds. I could barely pull the trigger on day one. Seriously. I was in the gym for two months before the film. I’m naked a few times. We’re not holding anything back. I can’t wait for people to see it.”

Tiggy, naked? Ok, we’re in! We can also appreciate a film that follows its readable predecessor to a t. We love it when that happens. So many times, you’ll read a book and love it, then watch the film adaptation and hate it. We don’t expect to see that from ‘Officer Downe’.

Check out Comic Con’s announcement of the movie, featuring Slipknot’s “The Clown”, and tell us in the comments if you can’t wait to go see Kim Coates in ‘Officer Downe’! The movie is set to premiere as part of the LA Film Festival on June 3, 2016 in Los Angeles, CA.


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Kim Coates as Officer Downe Image Credit: Entertainment Weekly
Kim Coates as Officer Downe
Image Credit: Entertainment Weekly