Sexy Charlie Hunnam Tribute With An Amazing Song!

Image Credit: Inquisitr
Image Credit: Inquisitr

Charlie Hunnam (Jackson “Jax” Teller, Sons of Anarchy) is one of the few men on our list that we simply cannot get enough of. He’s everything we want in a man – sexy, modest, hard working, kind, protective…need we go on? That is why today, we have a superb Charlie Hunnam tribute with an amazing song. We’re going to try something a bit different, and add the song’s name and lyrics to this one, because it is just so amazing.

Anthony Hamilton – Do You Feel Me

Wish I could see through
See deep into you
And know what you’re thinking now
And if I’m what you’re needin’
I need some kind of sign
Let me know cause I can’t read your mind

Are you in?
Or am I in this on my own?
I need some clue from you
Let me know babe

Do you feel me?
Do you read me?
Tell me am I gettin through to you
I wanna know,
are you with me?
Are you listening?
Baby, is my message gettin through?
Do you feel me baby, oh babe, cause I can feel you

You play it so cool
Won’t let nothin’ show through
Won’t show what you’re feeling now, no
And you like to keep keepin’ me
Keeping me here in the dark
And I can’t see through into your heart
Let me in, in on this mystery
Cause I just can’t stay in this guessing game


And don’t keep me hanging on the line, baby
Tell me if you want me
And if you don’t just let me know
Just answer one question
Don’t keep me here guessing
Tell me now


Check out the super sexy tribute below, and tell us in the comments how much you love it!


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Image Credit: CHunnamFans Twitter
Image Credit: CHunnamFans Twitter