Rank Which Sons of Anarchy Characters You’d Want To Get Drunk With!

Image Credit: Playbuzz
Image Credit: Playbuzz

We’re going to have some fun here at SOA Fanatic today! We’re going to have you rank your favorite Sons of Anarchy character based on who you’d be more likely to get drunk with! Alcohol was no stranger to SAMCRO, as they even had their own bar inside the clubhouse. You never saw Piney (Winston, William Lucking) without his Patron, and as the seasons went on Clay (Morrow, Ron Perlman) even took to shots of hard liquor to make his guilt easier to swallow.

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Do you remember that super hot scene of Happy (Lowman, David Labrava) downing shots on the bar surrounded by the ladies? And do you remember Opie (Winston, Ryan Hurst) sharing a moment over a beer with his dad? Drinking was quite prevalent in the series, which means we know you’ve thought about who in the SAMCRO universe you’d love to down a beer or a shot with!

Rank your choice below – and tell us in the comments why you chose who you did! We can’t wait to see the results!


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