“Our Son of Anarchy” – A Video Tribute To Jax Teller

Image Credit: Video Still Tammy Lynn - CHI
Image Credit: Video Still Tammy Lynn – CHI

Isn’t “Our Son of Anarchy” the absolute perfect title for a Jax Teller (Charlie Hunnam, Sons of Anarchy) video tribute? We love it, as much as we love its creator, Tammy Lynn from Charlie Hunnam International! Yep, she’s gone and done it again; she’s provided us with another magical tribute video. You’ve never seen one quite like this one before, we promise! She is seriously such a talented lady, and her tributes really are second to none.

We’re so lucky that Tammy Lynn has asked us to share her work here on SOA Fanatic. She’s one of the biggest Charlie Hunnam/Jax Teller fans we’ve ever met, and her love for Charlie and Sons of Anarchy shows in every video she creates. She may love him and Sons of Anarchy even more than we do. Maybe she’s our next Sons of Anarchy Ultimate Superfan??

You’ll want to save some extra time to watch “Our Son of Anarchy”, as it’s a titch under 7 minutes long, but we promise that every minute is worth it! To us, 7 minutes of Jax might not be long enough! Check out the tribute below, and tell us in the comments how amazing of a job Tammy Lynn did! Don’t you just love it?


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Image Credit: Pinterest
Image Credit: Pinterest