Mayans MC Spin-off: Who Is Elgin James?

Image Credit: WLB SOA Fanatic
Image Credit: WLB SOA Fanatic

Elgin James, the man named as the one who will launch Sons of Anarchy Executive Producer Kurt Sutter’s Mayans MC spin-off, is still relatively unknown to us Sons of Anarchy fans. So we thought we’d do a write-up today at SOA Fanatic, on the new face to the Sons of Anarchy universe, to help you all get to know the name behind the much anticipated series. The Latino filmmaker will be working alongside Sutter to tell the story of the Mayans and how they came to be an MC in California.

James, a filmmaker and musician, is a former member of FSU (Friends Stand United), a (technically classified) gang out of Boston, Massachusetts. He spent a good portion of his childhood in orphanages and foster homes, and was eventually adopted and raised by a civil rights activist. While he was a member of FSU, he saved at risk dogs from being used within fighting rings. The group was featured on The History Channel, National Geographic, and in Rolling Stone Magazine for their work.

His filmography includes:

  • Release (1998)
  • Live Thee Fourth (2000)
  • Boston Beatdown Vol. 2 (2004)
  • Dark Planet: Visions of America (2005)
  • Enemy (2007)
  • Goodnight Moon, THINKFilms, (2007) (writer/director)
  • Little Birds (2011)
  • Low Riders (2016, writer)

(Sourced from Wikipedia)

Little Birds, specifically, was a dark and twisted tale that received rave reviews by critics. The New York Post called it

“An unpleasant little film about a sulking, self-mutilating 15-year-old girl.”

Now that you know more about Latino filmmaker Elgin James, do you think he’s a decent pick to be Kurt Sutter’s right-hand on the Mayans MC? Check out this video, aptly titled “The Real Elgin James“, to learn even more about him – and tell us in the comments what your thoughts are about him and the Mayans MC spin-off!


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Image Credit: SOA Fanatic
Image Credit: SOA Fanatic