Jax Teller: “The Worth of My Life” – A Tragic Tribute For Teller Tuesday

Image Credit: YouTube Screenshot
Image Credit: YouTube Screenshot

*SPOILER ALERT* This post contains MAJOR spoilers from the Sons of Anarchy series. Read at your own risk!

Happy Teller Tuesday, SOA Fanatics! On this sunny Tuesday, we’ve decided to honor the gone, but never forgotten Teller Tuesday with a tragic Jax Teller (Charlie Hunnam) tribute! Created by one of our favorites, xHeather360x, “The Worth Of My Life” is a powerful tribute that’ll have you reaching for the Kleenex. Jax, as we knew him, just kept taking the punches in life, suffering from one terrible ordeal after another. What was the worth of his life?

In Season 1, he experienced his first real kill, after Clay (Morrow, Ron Perlman) spent episode after episode pressuring him to pull the trigger. And it messed him up. In Season 2, he witnessed the aftermath of the accidental death of his best friend’s wife, Donna (Winston, Sprague Gradyen). Season 3 brought him to the kidnapping of his first born son, and Season 4, the attempt on Tara (Knowles-Teller, Maggie Siff)’s life by Clay – damaging her hand forever. In Season 5 he watches as his life-long friend and brother Opie (Winston, Ryan Hurst) is killed in prison, and in Season 6, he finds his own wife dead in the kitchen after a brutal attack. In Season 7, all of the events of Jax’s life culminated to the point where he took his own life, on the same highway in which his father died.

All the while, Jax was not only trying to hold himself together, he was trying to make sure there was a club left holding onto. Check out “The Worth of My Life” below, and tell us in the comments if you think you would have made it as far as Jax did. How do you think you’d have handled dealing with everything Jax had been through. Do you think he could have kept going after everything he’d been through?

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Date: December 2014


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