Is Tig Your Moral Compass?

Image Credit: Movie Pilot
Image Credit: Movie Pilot

Tig (Trager, Kim Coates) is easily one of the most twisted characters in Sons of Anarchy…

tig gif 1

His lines were always quite strange…

tig gif 2

He was never shy to share his likes (and dislikes)…

tig gif 3

He could be rash and crude, and his sarcasm lives on to be unparalleled…

tig gif 4

He could take a bullet to the ass without flinching…

tig gif 8

And a needle too…poor Tiggy

tig gif 9

His brothers even sometimes questioned if he really was “okay”…

tig gif 5

His taste in women was strange, at best…

tig gif 6

And his morals, even more strange…

tig gif 7

So Tig wants to know if he’s your moral compass?

tig gif 10

If you are, then this t-shirt is perfect for you!

tig gif post

It’s not sold in stores, so if you want everyone to know that Tig is your moral compass, head on over to to get one! Click here to grab one for yourself before everyone else does!


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Image Credit: Heroine TV
Image Credit: Heroine TV