How The Sons of Anarchy Were Cheated By Space City Comic Con

Image Credit: Space City Comic Con
Image Credit: Space City Comic Con

We’ve been giving all of you SOA Fanatics real time updates on the news coming out of the Space City Comic Con 2016, and new details have been emerging all day long. We’ve told you how the police were called on Charlie Hunnam (Jackson “Jax” Teller) after he’d realized his pay for the event came from a worthless, closed bank account and confronted the event’s promoter. Now the plot just thickens.

Come to find out, the event’s promoter – who has not yet been named – really puts the “con” into the phrase “comic con”. Blogger and field reporter Ava Jade, who attend the event and has provided a large portion of the details so far, recalls that, to quote:

When Charlie Hunnam and the other cast members arrived at their hotel prior to the scheduled appearance, the credit card given to the hotel by the promoter was declined, which understandably ticked everyone off. Upon arriving at the convention itself, Hunnam “had it out with the promoter,” and soon left to go to a bank in order to cash the check he’d been given as payment for doing the panel. It might not surprise you now that the checking account in question had been closed, and that was the case for the entire cast’s payments.

And that’s not it. According to Cinema Blend,

He [the promoter] apparently also tried to pay them with the pre-sale ticket money, which reportedly went into why ticket gouging and other problems had been plaguing potential attendees. It appears that the option to buy day passes was suspended so that people were forced to buy the far pricier VIP passes instead. Not that it helped consumers in the long run. And none of it was helped by the fact that no one in the cast and crew seemed to have been given the same times for the panels and photo ops.


Due to all of the issues – some we’re not even aware of at this time – Sons of Anarchy panels were canceled, and Charlie himself left the event before it was even over.

Image Credit: Twitter Screenshot
Image Credit: Twitter Screenshot

It wasn’t just the cast of Sons of Anarchy that were duped by the Con – reports say that the AVI team that were working the panel were also promised to be paid ahead of time, which, surprise, never happened. Reports state when they weren’t paid, they too backed out of the event.

Tell us in the comments if you attended Space City Comic Con 2016, and got to witness the craziness that happened at the event! Check out the report from WochitTV here:


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Charlie Hunnam & Danny Trejo Attend The Space City Comic Con Image Credit: Facebook
Charlie Hunnam & Danny Trejo Attend The Space City Comic Con
Image Credit: Facebook