Houston, We Had #SPCC Problems….

Charlie Hunnam & Danny Trejo Attend The Space City Comic Con Image Credit: Facebook
Charlie Hunnam & Danny Trejo Attend The Space City Comic Con
Image Credit: Facebook

Yes Houston, we are quite literally looking at you. News has surfaced that there were some pretty problematic issues at this weekend’s Space City Comic Con – and we want some insight as to what went wrong. We’ve spent the past few weeks gearing up for the once in a lifetime event – the largest and most epic Sons of Anarchy reunion in history so far, and problems aren’t something we’re thrilled to be hearing about.

Reports are alleging that despite some devout fans dropping their life savings on a $2,300 VIP ticket to the event, that general admission ticket holders (those who paid a lot less) were being treated better – and being given more opportunity – than those who spent the extra money to receive the VIP treatment. Sources claim that lines were ridiculously long, and that the event was “disorganized”. Blogger Ava Jade attended the event, and says,

I attended this event to review it and cover the festivities for everyone who couldn’t make it. Yet, when I showed up, I was blown away at how disorganized this convention was. Long lines for VIPS, panels canceled, and photo op tickets not being honored. I’ve never seen such a poorly ran event.

This is not good, Houston. Are you a Sons of Anarchy fan who also attended the event, and experienced issues such as long lines, canceled panels, and tickets not being honored? Tell us your experience in the comments below, we may share your #SPCC experience in an upcoming blog post!

Check out the Sons of Anarchy Panel at the Space City Comic Con 2016!


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Image Credit: stacilstrickland
Image Credit: stacilstrickland