“Hope You Found It Now” – A Grim Tribute To Sons of Anarchy’s Juice

Image Credit: The Hollywood Reporter
Image Credit: The Hollywood Reporter

 *SPOILER ALERT* This post contains spoiler from the Sons of Anarchy series. Read at your own risk!*

Poor Juice (Ortiz, Theo Rossi). All he wanted was to finish his damn pie. At first, he was a true SAMCRO solider, loyal and committed to the brotherhood that he knew as his only family. The weight of the club was sometimes too much for him to bear, and he began responding to it in ways a true MC member should never act. He always meant well, we believe that, right? His intentions were usually good, but the club turned him into something none of the brothers wanted to become.

Juice attempted suicide early on when he couldn’t handle the business of the club – suicide was never an option for a Redwood Original. He survived, yet went on to steal from the club and then kill another patch member to hide his transgressions. He made a deal with the cops – a HUGE no for a member of the MC, and then covered up the killing of the club President’s wife. He did what he did to protect his brothers, and to protect himself, but you know what they say about good intentions.

Check out the tribute to Juice below – titles “Hope You Found It Now” and tell us in the comments how you felt about Juice. Did you want to see him make it to the very end, or were you happy when he was finally killed off? Did you see him as committed and loyal to the club, or was he just a traitor in disguise? Discuss it in the comments section below!


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