Happy Birthday To Sons of Anarchy’s Danny Trejo!

Image Credit: SOA Fanatic
Image Credit: SOA Fanatic

You won’t believe who turns 72 years young today – that’s right, it’s Sons of Anarchy’s Danny Trejo (Romeo Parada)! Seriously, he’s 72 years of age, a badass actor, one of the most intimidating we’ve ever laid eyes on, and he just opened his own taco joint. Is there anything the man can’t do? He’s honestly like the male, Latino version of Betty White. The man will be around forever.

Born in the Echo Park neighborhood of Los Angeles, CA on May 16, 1944 to Dan Trejo and Alice Rivera, Danny has a troubled past. With several brush ins with the law, including more than a couple of prison terms, his visual appearance is largely contributed to his tumultuous past. Just a few years ago, he mentioned his sobriety (over 46 years sober!)- meaning he’s also had some trouble with substance abuse.

To be able to overcome everything he has, and still merit the mass amounts of success that Danny has, is a vast feat. Danny is truly one of a kind, and we’re honored to be sending him birthday wishes today here at SOA Fanatic. Take an in-depth look at his story below, and wish Danny Trejo a very happy birthday in the comments section below!


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Danny Trejo (SOA's Romeo Parada) Image Credit: Twitter
Danny Trejo (SOA’s Romeo Parada)
Image Credit: Twitter