Does Chibs Make You Happy?

Image Credit: Pinterest
Image Credit: Pinterest

Chibs (Telford, Tommy Flanagan) was usually the Sons of Anarchy voice of reason…

chibs gif 1

He knew how to let loose and have a good time…

chibs gif 2

His love for Jax (Teller, Charlie Hunnam) and the club was unmistakable

chibs gif 3

He knows how to break the uterus’s of women across the world…OMG so cute!

chibs gif 4chibs gif 4.5

He knew how to deal with law enforcement the right way…

chibs gif 5

We meant it when we said the right way….

chibs gif 6

He was badass when the times called for it…

chibs gif 7

Really badass….

chibs gif 8

So Chibs wants to know…and don’t make him cry…

chibs gif 9

Does he make you happy…?

chibs gif 10

If he does, then this shirt is the perfect shirt for you!

 chibs shirt

It’s not sold in stores, so if you want everyone to know that Chibs is what makes you happy, head on over to Skull Society to get one of your very own! Click here if you just can’t live without this shirt!


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Image Credit: Movie Pilot
Image Credit: Movie Pilot