Cool Fan-Made Sons of Anarchy Game Trailer

Image Credit: YouTube Screenshot
Image Credit: YouTube Screenshot

Little did I know, there’s a whole realm of Grand Theft Auto, where players are recreating scenes from Sons of Anarchy during game play. I really think they’re onto something here, and that’s why I am sharing a fan-made game Sons of Anarchy trailer, that YouTuber RedChap created during his GTA game play. I seriously think it’s awesome, and I really hope you Sons of Anarchy fanatics agree.

RedChap really could go famous for making his own version of a Sons of Anarchy games; it more than shows in the video he’s created. The gameplay is pretty darn close to what we remember from the Sons of Anarchy mobile game, and given a solid storyline, I see it going places. I won’t lie.

Check¬†out the fan-made game trailer¬†below, and tell us in the comments if you’ve created Sons of Anarchy gameplay in GTA like RedChap has. Do you think a Sons of Anarchy game should be released for systems like the PlayStation or XBox? Why or why not? Is it something you’d want to play?


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