“A Fallen Warrior” – A Must See Video Tribute To SOA’s Bobby Munson

Image Credit: xHeather360x - YouTube
Image Credit: xHeather360x – YouTube

*SPOILER ALERT* This post contains spoilers from the entire Sons of Anarchy series. Read at your own risk!

Robert “Bobby Elvis” Munson (Mark Boone Jr.) was a pivotal Sons of Anarchy character; often he was the club’s peacekeeper and always tried to solve problems with a clear and level head. As the club’s secretary/treasurer, he kept the club going financially, and had a large say in what the business endeavors may be, as he had a fine sense of what would be profitable for SAMCRO and what wouldn’t be.

Once the MC’s Vice-President, he was a well mannered and even tempered guy, who always told the truth, but wasn’t afraid of using violence if it was absolutely necessary. His father was an accountant in Reno, Nevada, and kept two sets of books for the Mafia – he apparently learned his accounting skills from him. We also learned late in Season 7 that Bobby had served time in the military – and had been bound for Grenada but never deployed.

According to the SamcroPedia,

After Tara is killed by Gemma and her murder is pinned on the Lin Triad, the ensuing conflict between Henry Lin and the Sons eventually leads to Bobby being captured by August Marks’ men, where he is subjected to brutal torture, resulting in his eye and fingers being removed. After seemingly being released by August later on, he is instead killed by August in front of Jax as punishment for his betrayal. Until season six’s fourth episode, Bobby was one of five characters who appeared in every episode.

Check out this amazing tribute to Bobby, done by our favorite YouTuber xHeather360x, and tell us in the comments how much you miss him!


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