Villains of Anarchy: Damon Pope

Harold Perrineau as Damon Pope Image Credit: Sons of Anarchy Wikia
Harold Perrineau as Damon Pope
Image Credit: Sons of Anarchy Wikia

*SPOILER ALERT* – This post contains major spoilers for Season 5 of Sons of Anarchy! If you have not yet finished watching the series, please read this post at your own risk!*

Damon Pope, portrayed by Harold Perrineau, was one of the most powerful gangsters and drug kingpins in Oakland, CA. He lead many criminal organizations, including the One- Niners, a SAMCRO ally and street gang based out of Oakland. As the main antagonist throughout Season 5, Pope was responsible for a lot of bad shit happening to SAMCRO, as a result of a very bad decision made by Alexander “Tig” Trager (Kim Coates).

We first set eyes on Pope in Season 5, Episode 1 – “Soverign”, after Tig accidentally kills Pope’s daughter Veronica in an attempt to kill One-Niners leader Laroy Wayne (Tory Kittles). This leads to Pope committing several acts of revenge against SAMCRO, including:

  1. Kidnapping Tig and his daughter Dawn (Trager, Rachel Miner) and making Tig watch as he and his henchmen burned Dawn alive.
  2. Made the arrangements for Opie Winston (Ryan Hurst)’s in-jail death, a dead son for his dead daughter.
  3. Tries to keep Tig imprisoned for life, however strikes a deal with Jax (Teller, Charlie Hunnam) for his release, as Jax needs him, promising that Tig will be killed instead after he is no longer of use to Jax and SAMCRO.
  4. Acts as a mentor to Jax, taking him under his wing, and steering SAMCRO deeper into the illegitimate business Jax was trying to separate the club from. This sets the tone for future seasons of Sons of Anarchy as to where the club was heading and how Jax would get them there.

Pope’s last episode was Season 5, Episode 13 – ” J’ai Obtenu Cette”, where he was killed after Jax created an elaborate plan for Tig to do the deed and avenge his daughter’s death. His last words before Tig delivers the fatal gunshot?¬†“You Stupid Cracker Bitch, you know what happens to whoever kills me right?”. Tig pulls the trigger anyway.

Check out the gallery of Damon Pope below, and tell us in the comments how much you hated him, for what he did to SAMCRO and what he did to our Opie. How happy were you when you realized that Jax wasn’t actually sending Tig into that warehouse to die?


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