These Photos of Tommy Flanagan’s Daughter Will Melt Your Heart

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Image Credit: Getty

Tommy Flanagan (Filip “Chibs” Telford, Sons of Anarchy), has this insanely adorable daughter, Aunjanue Elizabeth Telford. He and his wife, Diana Livingston welcomed Aunjanue into the world in on March 20, 2012, making her 4¬†years old now. Happy belated birthday to Aunjanue!

During a 2014 phone interview Tommy did with Vulture Magazine, Aunjanue made the cutest interruption ever, reportedly walking into the room, as Tommy could be heard saying

“Hi! Can you give Daddy just a moment? I have to finish this phone call and then we’ll go play. Where are you going? What are you looking for, my love? For Mama? Mama! Sorry, baby. You cheeky monkey!”

That may kill the image of tough-biker-guy Chibs, but that’s ok, as I can feel my uterus breaking as we speak.

Tommy says he may play the tough guy on TV, but in all reality, he’s “happy as a pig in shit”, as he lives his personal life as a hermit, enjoying his days with his wife and daughter. Check out this super cute gallery of Tommy’s even cuter daughter. Unfortunately, there aren’t many, but that doesn’t mean this gallery isn’t full of super sweetness! Tell us in the comments if you can envision Tommy as a soft, kid-cuddling daddy! Is your uterus breaking too, after seeing these incredibly adorable photos?


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Tommy Flanagan
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