Kurt Sutter’s Ink – The Story Behind His Tattoos

Image Credit: The Hollywood Reporter
Image Credit: The Hollywood Reporter

If you have a tattoo or two, you know the struggle. Everyone has to ask you what it means. Sometimes, you’ve gotten a tattoo just because, and to be honest, not all tattoos have to have meaning. Based on the video we’ve found today, Sons of Anarchy’s Executive Producer Kurt Sutter found the most epic way to answer the age old “what does your tattoo mean?” question.

Kurt has more tattoos than most of the Sons of Anarchy cast, and is still working at adding to his tattoo collection today. But if we know Kurt as well as we do, then we know he’s put a ton of thought, time, and creative process into his ink. He lives to be creative, and we all know that he wouldn’t commit to something as permanent as a tattoo on a whim.

Check out his video below – he entails the story behind his skin art and shows the tattoo process all at the same time. Tell us about your tattoos in the comments – how many do you have and why have you picked the ones you did? How awesome do you think Kurt’s tattoos are?


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