FIRST LOOK: Theo Rossi’s New Movie “Bad Hurt”

Image Credit: Movie Maker
Image Credit: Movie Maker

Released on February 12, 2016, Theo Rossi (Juan Carlos “Juice” Ortiz, Sons of Anarchy)’s new movie “Bad Hurt” is about a Vietnam War Veteran and his family. Theo himself is a producer of the movie, and portrays Todd Kendall, the underachieving second son of Vietnam War Vet Ed Kendall (Michael Harney). Based in Staten Island, Rossi’s real-life hometown, the film tells a harrowing story about the Kendall family and a secret that is set to tear them apart. says,

“This raw story caught the attention of Rossi, an actor best known for Sons of Anarchy. Having started his own production company, Dos Dudes Pictures, in 2014, Rossi was in search of a human story he could turn into the studio’s first feature.”

He was successful, and joined forces with director Mark Kemble to create the film. “bad Hurt” also stars Karen Allen as Elaine Kendall, Iris Gilad as DeeDee Kendall, and Johnny Whitworth as Kent Kendall.

Now available to been seen in theaters, “Bad Hurt” has received some pretty great reviews so far! Check out the official trailer for the movie below, and tell us in the comments if you’ve gone to see “Bad Hurt” yet! If not, do you plan to! Way to go Theo Rossi and Dos Dudes Pictures!


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Theo Rossi - Right To Be Me PSA Image Credit: YouTube Screenshot
Theo Rossi – Right To Be Me PSA
Image Credit: YouTube Screenshot