Charlie Hunnam’s Podcast With Nerdist

Image Credit: Notey
Image Credit: Notey

If you love to listen to Charlie Hunnam (Jackson “Jax” Teller, Sons of Anarchy)’s beautiful, natural voice, then we have something special in store for you today! Back in July 2013, Charlie did an exclusive hour-long podcast with Nerdist, and we’ve found it! We’re so stoked that we have this to share with you today!

Charlie talks about where he grew up, tells the story of how his mom and dad met, and how he realized he was destined to be an actor. He explains some of his beliefs, and tells Nerdist about his experiences in Hollywood and acting so far. If there’s ever a time where you wanted to know everything there is to know about Charlie Hunnam, today is totally your day, because this podcast seriously covers everything about him!

Heads up, you’ll need to commit some time to listening to this one – it’s quite longer than our average video posts. We promise though, it’s totally worth it. Tell us in the comments how excited you are to be able to listen to this incredibly exclusive Charlie Hunnam interview! If you were to interview Charlie, what would you want to ask him?


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