Awolnation – Burn It Down (Sons of Anarchy)

Image Credit: FX Networks
Image Credit: FX Networks

This is aaaaaaaamazing! Do you all remember when Tig (Trager, Kim Coates) ran down Dampon Pope (Harold Perrineau)’s daughter, in attempt to run down Laroy Wayne (Tory Kittles), and needed the boys of SAMCRO to escort him home? Well, if you don’t, or the memory is a little fuzzy, you’re in for it today! We have found video of that scene, complimented perfectly by Awolnation’s “Burn It Down” – the actual backing track from the show.

It was one of the faster paced scenes in the show, and brings out a part of Jax (Teller, Charlie Hunnam) that we were long waiting to see. It set the stage for a few of Jax’s future problems, as well as a fair share of problems for Tig himself. This was the moment that put SAMCRO on Pope’s radar, and the moment that created the downfall for several main characters in the show.

Rewatch the amazing scene below, and tell us in the comments if its gotten your blood pumping a little faster! Bonus points if you can tell us what season and what episode this scene is from – double points if you can name the episode! Was this one of your favorite scenes from Sons of Anarchy?

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SOA ~ Awolnation ~ Burn It Down Tig attempts to run down the leader of a rival gang, killing his girlfriend instead. The rest of SoA catch up to escort him home. Actual scene and backing track from Awolnation. #SOA Credit: poopoopeepesoa’s channel


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Harold Perrineau as Damon Pope Image Credit: Sons of Anarchy Wikia
Harold Perrineau as Damon Pope
Image Credit: Sons of Anarchy Wikia