Kurt Sutter Shares Post On Facebook About Sons of Anarchy Prequel

Image Credit: TV Over Mind
Image Credit: TV Over Mind

Get ready SOA Fanatics – this is the first we’ve seen anything shared about the Sons of Anarchy prequel in quite some time! Yesterday, Sons of Anarchy Executive Producer Kurt Sutter shared a link to a news article about his very quiet Sons of Anarchy prequel to his Facebook, SutterInk! Oddly, the share has since been deleted, but SOA Fanatic has saved it, before deletion, just for you.

He says, in a total tease,

“Coming soon…Who will be watching?”

The statement sent Facebook into a total tailspin, with devout Sons of Anarchy Fans wanting to know just how soon is soon.

Image Credit: Facebook Screenshot
Image Credit: Facebook Screenshot

The article, done by the Inquisitr on March 11, 2016, doesn’t tell much of what we don’t already know – saying things such as,

“Meanwhile, the International Business Times is reporting that the prequel will center on the beginnings of SAMCRO. This includes exploring the relationship between John Teller, Jax’s father, and the rest of the original club members. With Jax’s dad potentially being at the center of attention in the prequel, will Hunnam return at some point to reprise his role?”

We’re left to put the pieces back together on this one again, but the mere fact that Kurt Sutter shared it tells us that there’s definitely more to know! Check out this video from wochit.tv, that tells us why we shouldn’t give up hope on a Sons of Anarchy Prequel! Tell us in the comments how eager you are for more news to surface!



Gemma Teller and John "JT" Teller Image Credit: Sons of Anarchy The Official Collector's Edition (Kurt Sutter/Tara Bennett)
Gemma Teller and John “JT” Teller
Image Credit: Sons of Anarchy The Official Collector’s Edition (Kurt Sutter/Tara Bennett)