Charming, We Have A Problem.

Image Credit: SOA Fanatic
Image Credit: SOA Fanatic

I was all set to give you the most epic Sons of Anarchy Easter related post, ever. I really was. With Easter less than a week away, I thought, “I’ll bet someone has made some pretty badass Sons of Anarchy Easter eggs”. So I searched, and I searched, and I searched. Nothing. Nobody has made any Sons of Anarchy Easter Eggs. I mean real eggs, like the ones we’ve always boiled, dyed, and decorated.

There are Sons of Anarchy cakes, Sons of Anarchy cookies, Sons of Anarchy cupcakes….you get the idea. But nobody has made Sons of Anarchy Easter eggs? Whut?! So I have a challenge for you SOA Fanatics – I want you, yes you, to make us some badass Sons of Anarchy Easter eggs this Easter. Will you be the first one to ever create a Sons of Anarchy egg collection?

Not artistically inclined? No worries – we’ve included a how-to video for decorating eggs – find it below. Even the least talented of artists (I’m one of those myself!) can find a way to create the badassiest Sons of Anarchy Easter egg. Check out the video below, and when you’re done creating your epic Sons of Anarchy Easter eggs, share them on our Facebook page! We will do a follow up post, that very well may include your creation! Happy egg decorating!