Young Girl Pulls Amazing Stunt On Motorcycle

girl stun riding
Girl Stunt Riding – Photo Credit: YouTube Screenshot


Motorcycle stunt riding, sometimes known as stunting, involves the merging of riding a motorcycle and doing acrobatic maneuvers. I don’t think any Sons of Anarchy members would ever try to pull something like this on their Harleys! 

I’m not sure how old this young lady is but I wish that if she wanted to do this that she should at least wear a helmet.

You may have heard about the famous Indian Larry doing a similar stunt of standing on his motorcycle. He was famous for this move. He was also famous for dying doing this move.

This is beautiful to watch but I really discourage anybody from trying to learn this (especially without protective gear). I would be more impressed if she had a helmet and a full set of leathers on her body.

What do her parents think of this? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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