Tommy Flanagan & Mark Boone Get Their Zen On And It’s Everything

Tommy Flanagan & Mark Boone Jr. Get Their Zen On – Photo Source: YouTube Screenshot

Tommy Flanagan and Mark Boone Jr get their zen on in this hilarious short film. I don’t know how we missed this one, but it’s f-ing funny!

The short film released in 2010 was produced by Saty Icon Pictures and directed by Christian Filippella. The short titled “White Widow (Swifty & Veg)” features our beloved Sons of Anarchy favorites Tommy Flanagan (Chibs) and Mark Boone Jr. (Bobby). In the film Boone plays a meditating vegan and Flanagan can’t help but join in. We’re just assuming that Tommy’s “Swifty” and Boone is “Veg”. Watch the clip below to see the two get their zen on.

If you already love their characters from Sons of Anarchy, this short film will make you love them even more! Tommy and Mark are such a great duo, we’re hoping that this will eventually turn into a series.

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Watch the short film “White Widow” featuring Tommy Flanagan and Mark Boone Jr. below and leave your thoughts in the comments. Would you like to see this short turned into a TV series or Netflix original?

Video Credit: Saty Icon Pictures – Christian Filippella


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