Ron Perlman’s Cameo in ‘Supermansion’ TV Series

Image Credit(s): Perlmutations/Crackle
Image Credit(s): Perlmutations/Crackle

We know already that Ron Perlman (Clay Morrow, Sons of Anarchy) has a resume that is second to none – he can act or voice in just about anything, and has proven that time and time again. Is there anything the man can’t do? This time, he’s done it again, voicing over a character on Crackle’s ‘Supermansion’, by the name of Blazar.

‘Supermansion’, is a stop-motion animated comedy television series that stars Bryan Cranston (Walter White, Breaking Bad) as Titanium Rex, an aging superhero who struggles to maintain his place in the super hero world. Blazar, portrayed by Ron, is an interstellar supervillian, who manages to embarrass Titanium Rex during an encounter between the two, forcing Titanium to go to great lengths to protect his public image.

Check a clip of Ron’s cameo in ‘Supermansion’ below, and tell us in the comments how continually amazed you are by his work! We’ve also added the link to the full episode here (down below the ad box) for you to watch as well. If this has peaked your interest in ‘Supermansion’, all of the episodes can be found at You can thank Ron if you happen to get addicted to it! 😉

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Ron Perlman - YouTube Screenshot
Ron Perlman – YouTube Screenshot